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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wacky Wednesday - The Gas We Pass - Picture Book & KID KANDY

The Gas We Pass, The Story of Farts
Written by Shinta Cho
Translated by Amanda Mayer Stinchecum
(A Curious Nell Book; Kane/Miller Book Publishers, 1994)

Wacky Wednesday once again tackles a bodily function - gas.

Blunt. That is the way Shinta Cho (translated from the original Japanese) penned The Gas We Pass, The Story of Farts. The illustrations are pretty comical but tie in perfectly with the subject matter. The truth about how our bodies make gas as a by-product of the digestive process is simply explained. Graphs help readers understand and visualize how much gas we pass and how normal farting is for humans and animals alike.

Bathroom humor makes this a perfect book for any age - the serious and curious minded preschoolers, the potty talking elementary boys, and even adults who love to joke about passing gas.

If toots are a common subject at your home, this just might be the book for your family.


Ok. Tough one here. Hmmmmm...

Passing Gas Household Survey

~ Make a list of all of the animals and people in the household.

~ Turn into a super sleuth to catch each one passing gas.

~ Chart the results.

1. Fart? (yes or no)

2. Smelly? (yes or no)

3. Noisy? (yes or no)

4. Diet? (What types of food does the subject eat? Cho describes the difference between meat eaters and mainly vegetarian diners.)

~ Do your results match with what you read in The Gas We Pass, The Story of Farts?

Angie Quantrell likes books that teach about how our bodies work, even if the subject matter is sometimes embarrassing. She would rather use the old saying that girls fluff, not pass gas.

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