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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Old Book

(1890 Bible at the Presby House Museum)

One of my favorite books! A true classic.


My honey and I discovered this version of a family Bible on a recent road trip through Goldendale, Washington.

The Presby House Museum is located in the Presby House, built in 1902. It is filled with many wonderful, baffling, exciting, sentimental, and old objects. All three floors of this home are open for visitors, as well as two outside buildings.

The docent was very friendly and helpful, advising us of important items on display throughout the beautiful home. One item that caught Kevin's eye was this old, old Bible. Being a pastor, he loves checking out old Bibles. Fragile though they be, the old language, period style illustrations, and sheer variety of sizes of the Bibles he finds, draw him in like a moth to a light.

In this case, very much like a moth to a light! Beware, OLD BIBLE alert. The docent gave us a quick peek inside to see the yellowed but readable pages. I estimate that this Bible was between 9 and 9 inches thick, and over a foot in length. That would require a serious commitment to hold on to it, let alone read it!

An antique (anything over 100 years is an antique, right?), but totally current and modern. Oh, I dare say, some words may need translating into common language. But overall, the message is the same.

A keeper of a book.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Families on Mission, Ideas for Teaching Your Preschooler to Love, Share, and Care

Families on Mission, Ideas for Teaching Your Preschooler to Love, Share, and Care
by Angie Quantrell (Woman's Missionary Union, New Hope Publishing, 2005)

Families on Mission, Ideas for Teaching Your Preschooler to Love, Share, and Care was written when I was deep in the midst of preschool and early childhood education. After teaching four and five-year-olds for several years, I was full of ideas of ways to involve preschoolers in missions. This book is a catalog of simple activities for families to do along with their young children.

For preschoolers, missions is loving, caring, and sharing. Learning to reach out to other people in loving ways, helping them, praying for them, and caring for them, are important concepts that families need to teach and live out as they raise children that grow up to continue doing the same thing. The world is really a small place. Becoming a caring member of any community is important in our world.

Loving, caring, sharing, praying, giving, doing, helping, my friends, my church, my neighborhood, and my world are the themes for the eleven chapters in this book. Each topic has multiple activities, ideas, and suggestions for parents. This book is also appropriate for teachers, grandparents, families, daycare workers, and anyone else who works with young children and wants to model a lifestyle of reaching out and loving others. The ideas are geared for young children. Some activities revolve around the nuclear family. Other ideas involve extended family, church members, or community members.

Make a difference in the life of your preschooler. Choose and adapt the ideas for your situation. Have fun!

Enjoy missions - loving, caring, sharing, praying - with your preschooler.