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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Joseph - Seeing the Big Picture

"Giant Problems Become Pebbles in the Hands of God"
Prayer Patterns
Missions Mosaic, Woman's Missionary Union, February 2013

As a writer, it's ALWAYS exciting to see the finished product of sweat, tears, study, research, anxiety, spell check, editing, writing, brainstorming, word counting, mapping, outlining...

Just out is my latest Prayer Patterns, "Giant Problems Become Pebbles in the Hands of God." Prayer Patterns is a regular feature in Missions Mosaic, a magazine that encourages and leads women to be on mission with God at home, at church, and throughout the world. Prayer Patterns is comprised of daily devotions and a call to pray for missionaries (on their birthdays) and believers serving all around the planet we call home.

It's all about story. Joseph from the Old Testament has a heart breaking, challenging, and rewarding story. God's hand can be seen everywhere as He cares for Joseph and His people.

I love the story of Joseph. It reminds me of God's Big Plan. It tells me that God is at work, no matter what happens. He has a plan for me.

I also love Missions Mosaic. Check out this magazine for current topics about everything - from young mothers to ministry ideas to world wide issues such as human trafficking. Visit and see what it's all about.

It's all good.