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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ah, the Sweet Aroma of Books

I love books! I never feel quite secure unless I have a book or two stashed with me at all times. There are never fewer than ten books stacked on and under my night stand table. Usually, bookmarks hold spots in three or so mid-way complete book readings. Books. I have to have them.

Recently, a teacher I know remarked, "Some people are just wired for text. Look at that poster. Either you see all the words and read it immediately. Or you don't notice the words and just see the photographs."

At that second, I realized that I was text-oriented. Totally text-oriented. I knew that prior to this discussion, but I hadn't thought of it that way before. I have a constant battle in my mind, editing what I am reading or writing, wondering if it's worth it to send the typo information in to publishers...Or what other excellent vocabulary can be used when I am thinking of what to put on paper. Print, fonts, hand-written, professionally type set, scribbled, doodled,... All of it is attached to my field of vision and thinking. Yes, I love photographs and illustrations and embrace beautiful art. But if there is ANY text nearby, I will read that first. Then enjoy the rest.

Any way I look at it, books are me. Books and magazines are an extension of my personality. My loves and excitement. My hobbies, free time, addictions, obligations, pleasures...

Where is my book? I feel like reading something great.