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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Etch Glass, A Guide to Personalized Glass Etching

How to Etch Glass
A guide to personalized glass etching
, Eric Robert (2012)

Copyright 2012. Eric Robert

This handy e-book found me! And it's free!

If ever you wanted to know anything about etching glass (and I didn't know there was so much that you could know!), this is the source for you. Eric Robert's e-book includes excellent photos and step by step directions on how to etch glass. Many different projects and ideas for projects are included.

For instance, I didn't understand that you could sand-blast etchings. Voila! You can. It's also possible to use a safer and less harsher chemical to etch glass. Conversely, I suppose you could also use the more dangerous and skin melting option to etch glass (FYI: not recommended). I truly appreciate the great ideas of ways to use glass etching.

No longer a thing of the past, but a fun and useful skill/craft/hobby.

Try it. You'll like it. Visit the Web site above to download your free copy. :)

Tell Eric that Angie sent you.

P.S. This is the link for the free e-book. Click on it or copy and paste. Enjoy!