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Monday, May 28, 2012

Going to the Olympics, Uh-huh

Yes, indeed, I am heading to the Olympics. THE Olympics. August. London, England. Kind of thinking hot and humid and sweaty and crowded (that last one could be a severe UNDERstatement) but who cares? It's London AND the Olympics!

How exciting is that?

In preparation for my trip, I found a great picture book about London at a recent library visit. Can't do London without some great photographs thrown in.

United Kingdom, Country Explorers, by Madeline Donaldson (Lerner Publications Company, 2011) is a great book. Written at an elementary level, it's a quick and informative read. And like I said, it has great photos. The book also explains some history of the United Kingdom and covers a broad base of general information. Perfect for someone who is going to the Olympics.

Like moi.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Christmas in Williamsburg

Christmas in Williamsburg, 300 Years of Family Traditions by K.M. Kostyal with The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (National Geographic Society, 2011).

Yes. I know it's May. Not even May 31st. But I took a field trip recently with my kinder students to visit a local library where one of the mom's is a librarian.

And guess what I found? A very cool book put out by National Geographic. So, Christmas in May. :) Since I've been to this historic town, it was a little like revisiting a favorite stopping place. Except we went in the summer. And it was nice outside. And they weren't decorated for Christmas.

But still, it was colonial Williamsburg! For someone who spends 99.9% of her time on the west coast, that is pretty cool.

(Mr. Q. on the phone while gazing down the streets of Colonial Williamsburg.)

This book is filled with history and connections to the past and present. Christmas traditions are explained. Photographs, sketches, and artwork decorate the pages. Written for children and adolescents (and history loving Nana's), this book is delightful. Included are many do-it-yourself projects and recipes. Excellent!

I truly enjoyed my mini-vacation into Christmas.

(Don't know what I was thinking, but this is the ONE photo of myself in C.W., sitting next to a historical figure in bronze. Just can't remember who it was.)

I have to remember to recheck out the book around the beginning of November. When I am decking my own halls and re-establishing our Quantrell family traditions.

P.S. Can you see yours truly in the reflection on Christmas in Williamsburg?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wins - By a Hand

"If he grows into his paws, this guy is going to be HUGE."

Those were my thoughts as I traced the hands of one of my students. Reminded me of the old saying about dogs. This guy had pretty large hands. It will be interesting to see how tall he gets.

Mother's Day is upon us next Sunday, so kindergartners are busily preparing for our Mother's Tea. Prep includes card making, cleaning of desks, making of gifts, decorating...That's how I came to notice the big paws of one of my little guys.

We made Mother's Day cards from a project listed in From the Hands of A Child, Special Seasonal Art Activities for Primary Children by Anthony Flores (David S. Lake Publishers, 1987). We turned the flower basket (complete with green hands for flower stems) into a Mother's Day greeting. They are exceptionally cute.

This book is great for hand-sy ideas. I had to trace the parts for my students, but older can do their own pre-craft work.

Thumbs up for this book! (and pinkies and pointers and ring fingers...)