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Monday, December 10, 2012

i love dirt!

i love dirt! 52 activities to help you & your kids discover the wonders of nature by Jennifer Ward (Trumpeter Books, 2008).

I know. We are approaching the season, at least in the Northwest, that dirt is inaccessible, either snow and ice covered, frozen solid, or muddy.

I still love this book! The illustration took me right in. The little boy on the front looks like my son at that age and my grandson. I WANT to find that same trail and head down it.

Kids LOVE being outside. This book is full of ideas to get your kids to connect with and enjoy nature. They will use anything that is outside to fuel their imagination.

Take for example, our playground at school. Inside the gym on rainy/snowy/icy days, they can play line tag, a form of chase that is conducted entirely on the gym floor lines. Now, a new one for me, is the outside twin to this game. Our big equipment section is situated on a base of chipped wood, easily a foot deep. Almost ALL of the students have spent many recesses dragging their feet and hands to make lines all over the bark, creating bark trails.

"Now we can play line tag outside," yelled one joyous boy.

So that's what it was! I was wondering. (Obviously unfettered minds had moved from tunnels of military action to a whole group game. Before that, tunnels and ditches houses and homes. Before that, holes of habitation and animal dwellings.)

This book is a great idea book and resource for families and teachers. Love it!

Not to mention I bought it at Powell's in Portland, a must see block of books if you are a lover of books.