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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Snow Globe Family

Looking out the walls of my own private snow globe residence...

The Snow Globe Family
by Jane O'Conner (Puffin, 2008)

Current winter conditions make me think about a favorite picture book, The Snow Globe Family, by Jane O'Conner.

We recently read this lovely winter story at school. A family living inside the snow globe on the mantle is waiting for a snowstorm so they can play in the snow. They wait and wait. Meanwhile, a life-sized family enjoys a winter storm and heads out to play.

The baby is the one who notices the tiny family in the globe. Knocking it down causes a huge blizzard to appear for the family inside the globe.

Both families enjoy winter wonderlands.

After receiving snow globes for Christmas, several girls shared them with the class. Just last week, we had heavy snow days. It looked like we were living inside a snow globe while at school! The students loved the connection to the story and our real life weather event.

Make this delightful picture book a family winter favorite! It is perfect for inspiring the imagination of children as they create their own pretend snow globe worlds.